The Art of the Woven Words
"Twas this deprived my soul of rest,
And raised such tamults in my breast;
For, while I gazed, in transport tossed,
My breath was gone, my voice was lost."
Sappho, "Ode To A Loved One"
Sappho, the Greek poetess
For all the while, during my younger days, the love of poetry was ever strong. There was an existing fear though that I will be branded as something else other than what I really am. I set it aside and cowered in pain and now I suffered. I hope, late as it may be, that all will not be in vain. I brush the thoughts beside me and in this little corner I sit, adjust my glasses and gently dust off the pages and all these lines heal me...

Be my guest. Take a chair and enjoy the same pages with me.
"No race can prosper till it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem."
Booker T. Washington