Pagkikrita 2008
The SES Class of '64 and LA Class of '68
2008 Reunion
Aug. 2 to Aug. 3, 2008
Welcome to the cyberworld of the Sulat Elementary School Class of '64 and the Loyola Academy Class of '68!
Forty-four and forty years ago respectively, wasn't that a swell time to celebrate?

For us coming from some far away corners of the world, it was just one of the reasons why we love to come home: To meet with friends and classmates whose unforgotten faces adorns the merry memories we all have in our minds and hearts.

For those who have lingered home and enjoyed the benefits and blessings of our town, their welcoming warm arms make it more than just a visit. It was a way of sharing, a gesture of profound thanksgiving. 

It is my pleasure to offer everyone the digital version of those memories and here hoping that as we view them, our hearts will go more closer as ever.

                                                       Pio S. Columbretis
                                                       Over-all Chairman
                                                       Pagkirita 2008